Red Eye Escapes

Find flights to pollen-free destinations, based on how red your allergy-ridden eyes are.

  • Use your computer's webcam to scan your eyes.

    Upload your latest selfie on your phone.

  • We'll analyze your eyes to determine how bad your allergies are.

  • Choose from 3 red-eye flights to get out of town immediately.


Position your eyes in the scan area


Level 0

Level 0 redness detected in subject’s eyes. Initiating flight query.

Level 0 detected. Finding Flights.

What is this?

Red Eye Escapes is the world's first travel platform to find you flights to pollen-free destinations based on how bad your allergies are.

Are you serious?

Yes, this is for real. We use computer vision to analyze the redness of your eyes, and suggest very real flights based on how much redness we detected. Feel free to book one for yourself (or just get a Molekule and stay home!).

Why did you make this and who’s behind this?

Allergies are so bad that sometimes you just want to get away from it all. While you can hop on a red-eye flight to a remote part of the planet, shouldn't you be able to stay home and live your life in peace?

The Molekule is a completely new kind of air purifier that uses nanotechnology to destroy pollutants at the molecular level. It breaks down allergens, mold, bacteria, viruses, and airborne chemicals, leaving nothing but clean, healthy air in your home.

Can you really book a flight to the frozen tundra?

Yes, but would you actually want to? We hear it’s really cold there.